Best Wooden Kitchen Utensil Set for 2023

There are many reasons that master chefs around the world choose wooden utensils for their home kitchens. After all, wooden utensils are incredibly strong, heat-resistant, and environmentally friendly.

Additionally, wooden utensils do not scratch the surfaces of cookware or leach potentially harmful chemicals and bacteria into the food being cooked.

For these reasons, if you are looking for new cooking utensils for your home kitchen, you may want to consider a set containing wooden utensils.

Here are the best wooden cooking utensils available for purchase in 2023.

Best Wooden Kitchen Utensil Sets

Woodenhouse Wooden Cooking Utensils for Essential Cooking:
Best Wooden Cooking Utensils for Basic Cooking

Woodenhouse Wooden Cooking Utensils for Advanced Cooking
Best Wooden Cooking Utensils for Advanced Cooking

Woodenhouse Small 6-PC Wooden Utensil Set 
Most Budget-FriendlyWooden Cooking Utensils

Woodenhouse 4-PC Wooden Spatula Set
Nice Value for those who don't need much versatility

Woodenhouse 2-PC Spatulas For Flipping, Scraping, Turning
Best if you just need help with flipping, turning, and scraping

1. Woodenhouse Wooden Cooking Utensils for Essential Cooking


  • This  8-piece wooden utensils set has everything you need
  • Comes with a wooden spoon holder and hanging hooks for easy utensil storage
  • Includes a wooden spoon rest to place utensils while cooking
  • Non-stick utensils made from highly heat-resistant teak wood


  • A bit more expensive than other wooden utensil sets

The Woodenhouse wooden cooking utensils set for basic cooking contain all the tools you would ever need to cook all of your favorite dishes at home for you and your family.

The wooden utensils set contains both a wooden soup ladle and serving spoon, a wooden fork/spoon for salads, a wooden strainer spoon, an extra-large turner, and a wooden spatula.

Also included are 6 hanging hooks, a wooden spoon rest, and a large wooden spoon holder.

Durability: 5/5 

All of the wooden spoons and wooden spatulas are built to be incredibly thick and heavy-duty.

The thick and heavy-duty construction coupled with the teak wood material will help ensure that these wooden utensils last for decades.

Design: 5/5

The design of this Woodenhouse cooking utensil set is elegant, sleek, and timeless.

Part of the design was to include 6 metal hanging hooks so that the cooking utensils could be easily stored in a way that adds character to the interior design of the entire kitchen.

Functionality: 4.5/5 

This sturdy wooden spoons set also includes a large wooden turner and spatula to provide the tools necessary to create all of your favorite basic dishes.

The inclusion of the wooden spoon rest allows you to put down your cooking utensil without making a mess on your stove or countertops.

Material: 5/5

Teak is an ideal wood for cooking utensils because it is extra durable and heat and water-resistant.

Wooden cooking utensils prevent scratches to your non-stick cookware and cast iron skillets.

Overall: 4.875/5

Overall, the Woodenhouse cooking utensils set for basic cooking contain some of the most useful utensils you would need to prepare basic dishes like salads, pasta, omelets, and more.

This set is designed and constructed to last decades with its timeless dark wood design and solid teak wood construction.

2. WoodenHouse Wooden Cooking Utensils for Advanced Cooking


  • Comes with 10 different cooking utensils
  • Made from extra durable premium natural teak wood
  • Will not scratch your cookware or leach chemicals into food
  • Elegant design and color


  • You might not need everything

The WoodenHouse cooking utensils set for advanced cooking is an 10-piece utensil set that includes a few extra tools that some more advanced home chefs may require.

In addition to a lovely array of sturdy wooden spoons and spatulas, there is a salad fork and a mixing spoon.

This high-quality and affordable wooden cooking set comes with everything you need for all your cooking needs.

Durability: 5/5 

Wooden utensils made from all-natural teak wood are extremely durable and made to last a lifetime.

All these kitchen utensils come with thick sturdy handles for a better grip and to prevent breakage.

Design: 4.5/5

The dark natural wood color and glossy wood stain give this set of wooden utensils an elegant and sleek look that can complement any kitchen.

The shape and design of each of the utensils make them easy to use while being able to withstand years of strong use.

Functionality: 4.75/5

The 10-piece set has practically everything you would ever need to cook meals in your home kitchen.

There are wooden spoons for mixing and serving spaghetti, soup, a non-scratch wooden spatula, a skimmer, and more!

In turn, we find most common kitchen tools in this set! 

Material: 5/5

Teak wood is an exceptionally strong and durable material that is often used to construct outdoor furniture.

Teak wooden utensils are designed to last for generations with little to no maintenance required.

Overall: 4.81/5

Overall, the Woodenhouse wooden cooking utensils set for advanced cooking is a quality bundle of 10 essential cooking utensils.

The high-quality natural wood construction not only looks good in any kitchen, but it can also ensure that this is the only set of kitchen cooking utensils you will ever need to own.

3. Woodenhouse Small 6-PC Wooden Utensil Set  


  • All basic kitchen tools included
  • Strong & easy to clean
  • 100% natural teak wood
  • Fair & affordable price


  • Fewer utensils 

If you are after an option that is little more basic, this 6-piece wooden utensil set might be perfect for your needs. 

This 6-piece wooden cooking utensil set comes with every basic kitchen utensil: such as a frying flat spatula, a wok spatuala, a mixing spoon, serving spoon, a salad fork, and a skimmer slotted spoon.

Durability: 5/5 

Woodenhouse products never compromise quality in an effort to make the products more afforable. Although this set is a little on the cheaper end, it still have the same quality we expect. 

If you have any issues with the products, there is also a 30-day warranty period. This way, you can use the products without worrying about defects. 

Design: 4.4/5

The dark natural wood color and glossy wood stain design of these utensils is the same top-tier design that we find in other products.

Our only complaint is that there are fewer total utensils in this package, giving the user a few less options than some of the other utensil sets above. 

Functionality: 4.4/5 

This is a good product to check out if you want wooden utensils that are best for basic jobs in the kitchen. However, we recommend the other other sets above if you want to have a little more versatility. 

Material: 5/5

Like the other top wooden utensil sets on this page, these wooden utensils are made with high-quality and 100% natural Teak Wood.

This way, you can use the utensils for a long period of time without worrying about cracks, melting, or a bad smell. 

Overall: 4.7/5

This is a great wooden utensil set to check out if you simply want a basic and affordable set of high-quality wooden utensils. However, keep in mind that this isn't the most versatile set of wooden utensils on this page!

4. Woodenhouse 4-PC Wooden Spatula Set


  • Unique wooden utensils
  • Includes a turner, scraper, and pan paddle
  • Works great alongside other utensil sets
  • 30-day return policy


  • Minimal utensils

If you need some extra spatulas in your life, look no further than this beautiful four-piece spatula set. This set comes through where many of the previous sets fell short.

In addition, it comes with the same top-tier quailty that you expect from Woodenhouse alongside a generous 30-day return policy to liberate you from any possible defects. 

Durability: 5/5 

Just like the other wooden utensil sets featured on this page, these are top-quality wooden utensils that won't crack, melt, or break simply due to consistent use.

Of course, there are always potential problems when products are shipped. For this reason, we love the 30-day return policy of these spatulas. 

Design: 4.5/5

The quality of the design of these products is evident right upon first sight. From the handle to the finish of each spatula, these wooden utensils are made to stand the test of time - and look great doing so!  

Functionality: 3.9/5 

Right off the bat, it's important to note that you can do many jobs not otherwise easily accomplished with other sets, including turning, scraping, pan paddling, and more. 

However, this set clearly doesn't come with a more versatile all-inclusive set of potential jobs that we might find in other utensil sets. 

Material: 5/5

Made with 100% natural Teak Wood, you can rest assured that you receive top-quality wooden spatulas when you buy this 4-piece set from Woodenhouse.

In addition to top-quality design, you also receive spatulas suited for many types of individual jobs. 

Overall: 4.6/5

This is a great option to consider if you need some new spatulas in your life. However, it clearly isn't as versatile as some of the other wooden utensil sets on this page. 

Therefore, this should really only be your top choice if you want to combine it with other utensil sets, or if you simply want to add to your wooden spatula set.

5. Woodenhouse 2-PC Spatulas For Flipping, Scraping, Turning


  • Beautiful & unique spatula designs
  • Great for eggs and packakes
  • Can help crush garlic
  • Very affordable set


  • Not many potential uses

If you need some assistance in the flipping, scraping, and turning compartments, we present to you these wonderful spatulas to help you out. 

In addition to an affordable price that won't tear a whole in your pocket, these spatulas also come with the top-tier quality that you expect from Woodenhouse. 

Durability: 5/5 

These spatulas are a little more resiliant than most, having a thick design that will withstand many years of hot temperatures, eggs stuck to the pan, and so on. 

For best results, be sure to rinse them off with soap and water each time that you are done using them. This way, you can be sure that they will hold up for years of use! 

Design: 4.5/5

These spatulas are designs to help you scrape, flip, turn, and so on, without scratching your pans in the process.

They also come from high-quality and sustainable Teak plantations. They are coated with a clear food-grade and non-toxic lacquier so that you can keep this beautiful look for years. 

Functionality: 3.7/5 

Outside of flipping, scraping, and turning, there isn't much that you can do with this set of wooden utensils.

This is especially true when matched up with other utensil sets on this page. Therefore, only buy this set if you need some assistance with jobs like these. 

Material: 5/5

Of course, these spatulas are made with the same top-tier quality you expect from Woodenhouse.

The 100% natrual Teak design helps ensure that these spatulas stay strong and good-looking throughout years and years of use. 

Overall: 4.55/5

If you need help with turning, scraping, filpping, and so on, this is the best set to check out. They are typically best when paired with other sets to make a complete set of high-quality wooden utensils. 

What to Look for When Shopping for Wooden Kitchen Utensils


Durability is ultra-important when it comes to finding a set of cooking utensils that can last you and your family an incredibly long time.

To find durable cooking utensils, you are going to want to see that they are thick, heavy-duty, and made from a strong wooden material.

The best wooden cooking utensils are made from teak wood, maple, olive, cherry, bamboo, oak, and beechwood.


The design of wooden cooking utensils refers to the way they look and feel in terms of material and shape.

You are going to want wooden kitchen utensils that are easy to use and that are ergonomically designed to prevent muscle strains and soreness from continuous use.

Also, the wooden utensils should come with a stain or gloss for a more elegant look and to protect the wood from bacteria and stains.


A proper wooden utensil set should contain most if not all of the essential tools you need to cook a variety of dishes.

Additionally, a set that comes with a storage container and/or hanging hooks is a major plus because then you can easily store your utensils in an easy-to-reach location that you can access while working in the kitchen.


When it comes to the material, wood is by far one of the most favored materials to use by professional and amateur chefs alike.

Wooden cooking utensils do not scratch cookware, they are heat resistant, and they do not leach into the food you are cooking.


How Do I Choose the Best Wooden Kitchen Utensil Set for Me?

Looking for and choosing the best wooden kitchen utensil set for your home kitchen does not need to be a difficult task.

Although there is a magnitude of options available to you, remember the key characteristics that define the best wooden cooking utensils.

They should be durable and built to last a long time. You should not need to buy a new set of cooking utensils every year.

Aside from being durable, the best cooking utensils have a superior design that is sturdy and elegant, and that includes a high level of functionality that makes them easy to use.

They should also contain a timeless design that will not clash or look oddly placed in your kitchen.

Last, material is incredibly important. Although some chefs prefer metal utensils, wooden utensils constructed from hardwoods like teak or oak come with so many more benefits than their metal counterparts.

Metal can scratch cookware and become incredibly hot while in use. Wood does no such thing. Not only will they not scratch your cookware, but wooden utensils will also resist heat and help to prevent the spread of bacteria in the kitchen.

Comparison of the Top 3 Wooden Kitchen Utensil Sets

Woodenhouse Wooden Cooking Utensils for Essential Cooking:

The best wooden cooking utensils for essential cooking tasks.

Includes all of the most essential tools including a soup ladle, a serving spoon, a wooden spoon rest, a storage container, and several hanging hooks.

Woodenhouse Wooden Utensils for Advanced Cooking:

The best wooden cooking utensils for advanced cooking. Includes all of the most essential tools plus a Dutch dough whisk and egg whisk.

Woodenhouse Small 6-PC Wooden Utensil Set : 

Budget friendly wooden utensil set that provides for most cooking needs. 

Includes all of the most basic cooking tools you would need at an incredibly affordable and budget-friendly price.

Ready to Purchase Your Own Wooden Kitchen Utensils Set?

If you are ready to purchase a quality set of wooden cooking utensils for your kitchen, then we highly recommend the three best sets of wooden cooking utensils listed above.

All three sets are durable and long-lasting, and they all provide most of the essential tools you need to cook many of your favorite dishes at home. Also be sure to check out our blog for all things related to wooden utensils!